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'Dusk Light' 36" x 60", sold
'Restless' 48" x 48", available
'Inner Piece' 36" x 60", sold
'Fleeting Moment' 48"x48", available


My art is about the resonance between light and dark in the landscape. The energy and conflict between the two. When we view the landscape it is constantly changing, due to the ever changing light. Yet it can be easily forgotten that light's counterpoint, 'dark' plays an important apposing role in what we see. If there is no dark for light to play upon you, we have nothing but white. When I look at light from behind a dark object, such as a cluster of trees, I see a wrestling between light and dark. And I see this as a metaphor for life and this world of opposites in which we reside- one of good & evil, happy & sad, ying & yang and light & dark etc. All of these elements are constantly in flux- constantly at odds- yet ironically, need each other as a counterpoint. In the landscape, that energy filled moment where light and dark are forced to unify and seemingly find peace, this is what possesses me to paint. 

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